Using Shipping/Buying Agents for Chinese Imports

By now, many people have heard of AliExpress.  It’s basically the Ebay of China.  It’s like a hybrid of Ebay & Amazon because it’s a platform for sellers to sell their wares, except it’s “Buy It Now” only – no auctions – so it’s more like Amazon.  But Aliexpress doesn’t stock any items themselves so, relying completely on 3rd-party sellers.  So in that respect, it’s like Ebay.

You can get stuff  some cheap on AliExpress and many resellers around the world, including Ebay and Amazon resellers, use it to buy some of their inventory.  But I have noticed in recent months that AliExpress prices seem to be more expensive than they used to be.

Well, you could use which is owned by the same company as AliExpress.  That is where you buy in large lots for reselling.  But it’s a gamble.  You really have to do your homework and be willing to lose some money on some bad transactions.  But this is the case with buying overseas from any country, of course.  However, one problem with Alibaba is that the published prices there are vague and there is a lot of negotiating you have to do in order to do business with the suppliers on the site.

There is another way, though. is also owned by Alibaba, but it is the wholesale Alibaba strictly for Chinese transactions.  You cannot easily buy from that site.  Sure, I know, it’s all in Chinese, but using Chrome you can pretty easily use the site as if it were in your own language, for the most part.  But the biggest problem is most of the sellers on do not speak English and do not ship internationally.  Furthermore, in order to pay them, you must have a Chinese bank account.

So I know what you’re thinking.  “Then why write about it, you can’t buy from them and that’s that”.

Nope, there is a way, you have to find yourself a shipping/buying agent.  These companies will purchase what you want from (or any other Chinese site not designed for international buyers) with they Chinese bank account and have it shipped to their warehouse where they will then ship it to you.  But the kicker is finding a reliable agent.

Unfortunately, I cannot help you with that as it would conflict with my current business ventures, but I will provide you with a list of agent websites I have found over the last few months and you can make your own decisions.

Here are a few, in no particular order. I don’t endorse any of them.  You have to do your “due diligence” and research them before using them…

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  1. I used CNXTrans and damn I got screwed! Holly smokes! First of all I paid $9000 instead of $2500 for shipping for convenience of using their “storage services”. I could have had each supplier ship my goods individually and paid way less!! Now my shipment is stuck at customs for god knows what reason and the CNXTrans provides no tracking or any documents of verification that my shipment was ever sent! no BOL nothing.


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