The Walmart Marketplace – What’s the Point?

The Walmart Marketplace – What’s the Point?

Many years ago, in an effort to compete with the marketplace (where just about anyone can sell items on, not just amazon itself), Walmart decided to make a marketplace, too.  But does it do more harm than good?

Anytime I go to and search for items I want to buy, I almost always come across the items I’m looking for being sold by a marketplace seller.  Typically speaking, these marketplace sellers have their items listed at MUCH higher a price than you can buy anywhere else.  And if the item is not easy to find in local stores or at Walmart, the prices are usually EXORBITANTLY high – like as in I-have-to-take-a-loan-out-to-buy-it high.

So my question to you, Walmart, is this:  What is the friggin’ point?  For a company that prides itself on “Everyday Low Prices” and is at the forefront of the “race-to-the-bottom” model of retailing, why have a marketplace where most, if not all, of your marketplace sellers are pricing their products out of the market?  Some prices are so high it makes luxury retailers blush!  This just makes look like a terrible place to get a good deal, does it not?

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