How To Turn Bad Potting Soil Into Good Potting Soil

I’ve been noticing for the past few years that the quality of commercial potting soils has gone way down. This is the case with every brand I have tired, including Home Depot’s Vigoro, Lowes’ Sta-Green, Walmart’s Expert Gardener and Kellogg Garden Organics.  The problem with these potting soils (especially Kellogg) is that they are composed of a large amount of non-composted wood chips.  As a result, these wood chips rob much-needed nitrogen from the plants “grown” in these potting mixes and my plants always suffer as a result.

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How To Fix Error Code 80072F78 for Windows Update KB4093118 on Windows 7 64-bit (x64)

For a couple of weeks now, I have been trying to download and install Windows Update KB4093118 (April 2018 Security Monthly Quality Roll-up) on my Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) PC using “Windows Update”.  Every time, it has ended in a “failure” with error code 80072F78.  The failure would always occur during the downloading stage of the update at the 45% downloaded mark.

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How To Change the Name of the WordPress Plugins Folder

People change the names of WordPress default folder names for various reason.  The main one is because it is believed that it makes their WordPress website more secure from hackers and malicious bots and probably the second-most popular reason is, well, just because…(some people just have to customize everything…lol).  In this article, you’ll find out how to change the default name of the WordPress plugins folder from “plugins” to whatever you want.

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11 Tips – How To Choose Your First 3D Printer


Everyone seems to want a 3D printer these days, but unfortunately the market is at least 50% comprised of 3D printers that are little more than partly-functional prototypes.  Also, there is no printer out there that works 100% out-of-the-box like an inkjet or laser printer would, and most printers require additions and modifications in order to get good-looking prints or any prints at all.  So unless you are willing to “tinker” with your printer, I’m afraid 3D printing technology for the consumer isn’t quite at the “out-of-box” level yet, and may never be.  But if you are willing to put up with the problems & challenges inherent with 3D printing, and are willing to “tinker” with your printer, here are a few tips for you in order to increase your chances of buying a good printer.

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Proper Phone Etiquette for 2018 & Beyond

telemarketing problem

As you may have realized in the past 7-or-so years, the FCC has pretty much given up on the Do-not-call (DNC) list idea as an consumer protection method.  What I mean by that is, when the DNC list was first invented, if you put your phone number on that list, telemarketing and scam calls pretty much ceased.  It was a beautiful thing.  But  somewhere around 7 years ago, telemarketing and scam calls began to ring on my home phone several times throughout the day, despite the fact that my phone # was listed on the DNC list. 

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How To Remove the Scrub Brush from the Libman Nitty Gritty Sponge Mop


I bought the Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Sponge Mop for my mom a few weeks ago.  I needed to get a mop that was easy for an older, aging person to use (yet still get the floors clean) and this seems to fit the bill the best out of all mops I looked at.  However, as many of you know, the Libman Nitty Gritty mop isn’t a perfect mop.

I’m not going into the details of all the pros and cons of this mop since this was not intended to be a review, you already know what’s good and bad about this mop.  That’s why you’re here.  YOU WANT TO REMOVE THAT WORTHLESS, WAY-TOO-ABRASIVE SCRUB BRUSH!  And I’m gonna show ya! 

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Using Shipping/Buying Agents for Chinese Imports

By now, many people have heard of AliExpress.  It’s basically the Ebay of China.  It’s like a hybrid of Ebay & Amazon because it’s a platform for sellers to sell their wares, except it’s “Buy It Now” only – no auctions – so it’s more like Amazon.  But Aliexpress doesn’t stock any items themselves so, relying completely on 3rd-party sellers.  So in that respect, it’s like Ebay.

You can get stuff  some cheap on AliExpress and many resellers around the world, including Ebay and Amazon resellers, use it to buy some of their inventory.  But I have noticed in recent months that AliExpress prices seem to be more expensive than they used to be.

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Best Way to Cut Square or Rectangular Holes in Plastic Project Boxes or Enclosures


I’m going to “cut” right to the chase and tell you what the best 2 ways are to cut square or rectangular holes in a plastic project box or enclosure.  But regardless if you agree or not or whatever method(s) you do use, I’m also going share a little secret to make any square or rectangular hole look professional with very little work, even if you aren’t good at cutting nice, tidy angular holes (most people aren’t).  So let’s get to it…

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