Using Shipping/Buying Agents for Chinese Imports

By now, many people have heard of AliExpress.  It’s basically the Ebay of China.  It’s like a hybrid of Ebay & Amazon because it’s a platform for sellers to sell their wares, except it’s “Buy It Now” only – no auctions – so it’s more like Amazon.  But Aliexpress doesn’t stock any items themselves so, relying completely on 3rd-party sellers.  So in that respect, it’s like Ebay.

You can get stuff  some cheap on AliExpress and many resellers around the world, including Ebay and Amazon resellers, use it to buy some of their inventory.  But I have noticed in recent months that AliExpress prices seem to be more expensive than they used to be.

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Are’s Policies Enabling Giveaway Scams?


I recently entered a giveaway where the company used as their platform for the giveaway. I don’t normally enter giveaways but I wanted the item being given away but I just can’t afford to buy it myself.  Being that this is my first time participating in a Gleam giveaway, I was a bit curious so I did a little research into the platform.  What I found was a bit unsettling.

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Is Getting a Patent Worth the Time and Expense?

Are patents worth the time and cost?

I know many people think that what they hear/see on TV is all true.  Most probably don’t actually think it’s all true, but they tend to think that as they’re watching certain things.  If someone looks like an expert, then they must be…right?  This is the case with the famous show we have all probably seen at least once – Shark Tank.  One of the questions you hear the “Sharks” ask often is, “Did you get a patent for it?”  If the answer is yes, they applaud the entrepreneur.  But if the answer is no, then you’d think it was the end of the world.  But from my experience, if you are dealing with an everyday consumer product with a wide market, a patent is often just a waste of time and money.  Here’s why…

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