How To Make and Iframe Affiliate Link Open in a New Window

If you are an affiliate of a product that doesn’t pay much but you want to offer it to your audience because it is beneficial to them, the last thing you want to do is have that affiliate link open in the same tab/window whereby making your audience leave your site. It’s not worth the loss if time-on-site metrics for such low payouts. But if you are using a banner that is in an iFrame, it’s not just a matter of adding target=”_blank” to the hyperlink’s code. It’s a little different but equally as easy.

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Nulled Scripts, Themes and Plugins

If you do an internet search for “nulled scripts”, “nulled themes”, nulled plugins” or “nulled [insert name of theme, plugin or other script here]”, you’ll find a plethora of websites that are repositories for nulled scripts.  But you are putting your website, web server and your site visitors’ data in jeopardy if you install any of these on your website site.  I just found out the hard way (on purpose).

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How To Turn Bad Potting Soil Into Good Potting Soil

I’ve been noticing for the past few years that the quality of commercial potting soils has gone way down. This is the case with every brand I have tired, including Home Depot’s Vigoro, Lowes’ Sta-Green, Walmart’s Expert Gardener and Kellogg Garden Organics.  The problem with these potting soils (especially Kellogg) is that they are composed of a large amount of non-composted wood chips.  As a result, these wood chips rob much-needed nitrogen from the plants “grown” in these potting mixes and my plants always suffer as a result.

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Pine and Spruce Needles Increase Soil Acidity – An Old Wives Tale Debunked

Gardeners all over the internet seem to agree that dead pine and spruce needles have a high acidity and therefore will acidify any soil where they are used as mulch or dug-into the soil to decay and feed the soil for the following year.

But the truth is, while live needles on the tree are in fact acidic and while the fallen, dead needles are somewhat acidic, they decay so slowly that they do not alter soil pH at all or so little that it really doesn’t make any difference. And here’s how I know…

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A Warning to Gardeners: Your Manure or Compost May Be Contaminated with Aminopyralid Herbicide

If you are a gardener and you use any composted manures or compost from an outside source (whether you buy them or get them for free), thinking that it’s safe, organic and full of goodness, THINK AGAIN.

Farmers and other sources of manure and compost often treat their land with herbicides, some of which are designed to not break down in an animals digestive system.  One such herbicide is aminopyralid, which is a selective, hormone-based, broad-leaf herbicide.  Aminopyralid is marketed under many brand names throughout the world and is used on hay, grain corn and grass crops to suppress broad-leaf weeds.  If unknowingly introduced into your garden or farm, the affects can be devastating.

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Pennsylvania Community HealthChoices: The Lies and the Truths

This article is an attempt to educate “Dual Eligibles, who have been enrolled into the PA Community HealthChoices program, about two serious issues:  provider selection and balance-billing.  Through mailings and through community meetings, the PA CHC program (and it’s affiliates and supportive organizations) disseminated false information about the program.  This article pertains mostly to “Dual Eligibles” living independently and might not necessarily pertain those who are in long-term care facilities or receiving  long-term services at home.

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How To Fix Error Code 80072F78 for Windows Update KB4093118 on Windows 7 64-bit (x64)

For a couple of weeks now, I have been trying to download and install Windows Update KB4093118 (April 2018 Security Monthly Quality Roll-up) on my Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) PC using “Windows Update”.  Every time, it has ended in a “failure” with error code 80072F78.  The failure would always occur during the downloading stage of the update at the 45% downloaded mark.

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How To Change the Name of the WordPress Plugins Folder

People change the names of WordPress default folder names for various reason.  The main one is because it is believed that it makes their WordPress website more secure from hackers and malicious bots and probably the second-most popular reason is, well, just because…(some people just have to customize everything…lol).  In this article, you’ll find out how to change the default name of the WordPress plugins folder from “plugins” to whatever you want.

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11 Tips – How To Choose Your First 3D Printer


Everyone seems to want a 3D printer these days, but unfortunately the market is at least 50% comprised of 3D printers that are little more than partly-functional prototypes.  Also, there is no printer out there that works 100% out-of-the-box like an inkjet or laser printer would, and most printers require additions and modifications in order to get good-looking prints or any prints at all.  So unless you are willing to “tinker” with your printer, I’m afraid 3D printing technology for the consumer isn’t quite at the “out-of-box” level yet, and may never be.  But if you are willing to put up with the problems & challenges inherent with 3D printing, and are willing to “tinker” with your printer, here are a few tips for you in order to increase your chances of buying a good printer.

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